Frankfurt – short day trip

Before starting the bicycle trip we flew to Frankfurt and spent the day in the city. It is nice for a few hours but not much longer. Here are some of the things we found out:

Frankfurt is a unique mixture of old and modern buildings. Unlike many European cities where there’s an historic part, here its all mixed together. The modern buildings even got Frankfurt to be called “German Manhattan”.


German Manhattan


Getting around the center without getting into places or attending museums took us around three hours.



One thing we really liked is getting on the Main Tower, which has an amazing top view of Frankfurt. We went up on night, but I guess its beautiful at all times.


At the end of the day we crossed the Main River for another cool view of the city. We were also lucky to arrive during the Main Festival, which caused many people, food stands and even roller coasters.



Of course the German Flammkuchen is recommended:


Basically its a nice city to visit for a day or so, but not for long.
Tomorrow we will head to Trier and start our real trip 🙂

Accommodation Notes
We stayed in intercityhotel Frankfurt. It is literally two walking minutes from the train station. Nice rooms and great breakfast. We also received from the hotel a transportation ticket for free transportation around the city.

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One thought on “Frankfurt – short day trip

  1. Amram

    שלום מסבתא וסבא.

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