From Frankfurt to Trier, couch surfing and bike renting

We used 3 trains today to get to Trier, the oldest city in Germany.

On the way we stopped in Koblenz. On the train station we met Harro from ebike Koblenz. We contacted them in advance and they came to the train station with our bike and panniers (which are basically sacks you attach to the bikes) and it was great. Then we managed to pack the essential equipment into the panniers and leave the bigger suitcases locked in the train station. From there – we were set to go 🙂



Taking the trains took some time and then we started our new experience – Couch Surfing (for the first time). We arrived in Trier and our hostess, Nadja, picked us up from the train station. Then we toured Trier by foot.


Trier is Germany’s oldest city, and has some nice Roman buildings. The center is quite small and we were able to see it in an hour or so.

Then we had dinner in a local pub. We had “pizza salad”, which is actually a normal pizza margarita with salad on top. Awesome!

From there we went to a wine festival. Apparently each city in Germany holds a festival in the summer. It included a band, numerous food stands and, of course, lots of wine…


We finished our day by going to sleep very tired, yet very happy.

Couch surfing experience
As I’ve mentioned, it was the first time I tried couch surfing. And I LOVED it.
Obviously it depends much on your host and Nadja was great. Other than that it provides a real opportunity to meet local people and their way of life.

If we hadn’t hosted at Nadya, we wouldn’t have eaten pizza salad, we wouldn’t have gone to the festival and we wouldn’t have stayed in a local students apartment and talked with awesome local students. I am certain I want to try it again.

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