From Neumagen-Dhorn to Enrich by bike, and Panoramas

Today was harder yet more beautiful than the days before, as we rode 62 kilometers (~38.5 miles) and had some amazing views of the Model.

We started by going backwards to Trittenheim. Going there and back to Neumagen-Dhorn (were we had spent last night) added 10 kms to our way, but we got this panoramic view. I’ll let you decide whether it’s worth it.


We cycled till we reached Bernkastel-Keus. Its a relatively large town and has a really nice market. We stopped there for lunch.



As you can see the panorama pictures feature of my Nexus4 phone has been really useful 🙂


Crossing the river in Bernkastel-Keus reveals very nice viewpoints:



We had some stops on fine towns along the way.


We finished our ride in Enkrich, which is 51 kilometers (~32 miles) away from our starting point. We arrived at 20:30, and by the time we’ve showered all the restaurants had been closed. We were lucky we had packed some sandwiches in the morning, yet I’d recommend arriving in small towns at earlier times. Oh well, we had some beer for dinner.


Tomorrow is supposed to be the finest day in the Mosel valley. We will wake up in Enkrich, which is considered to be the pearl of the Mosel. Oh well, I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow 😉

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