Hard rain, amazing views. Enkirch to Bullay by bike

Today was much shorter than we had planned, as we were surprised by a sudden storm. Yet we managed to see the most beautiful views so far.

We started in Enkirch, considered the pearl of the Mosel. It includes a tour by foot yet we’ve decided to do only part of it by bike. The ascent was really hard. Then we started our way towards Zell, which was quite steep at certain points, compared to the previous days.


We arrived in beautiful Zell, and ate a terrific Apfelstrudel, definitely one of Germany’s (and Austria’s) great attractions.



The next part provided the probably best view of the Mosel river. We climbed (and that was a long ascent indeed) to the Marienburg (Marien castle).


The castle itself can’t really be reached by bike so we left them and started climbing by foot. Then I decided to continue walking 800~ meters to the Prinzenkopf tower. 233 meters above sea level, the top of the tower provides a 360 degrees panoramic view of the Mosel.



While walking to the tower it was starting to rain softly. By the time I reached the tower the rain had gotten pretty strong and the wind made me hold the camera (or my phone) pretty firmly.


When I got off the tower and started walking backwards towards the castle, the thunders left no doubt: It was storming.


Descending fast on a bicycle down a mountain during hard rain is, well, quite an experience. We went quickly yet steadily, considering the chance to sleep, towards the closest town we could spot: Bullay.

Bullay is a nice town, though obviously not one we have planned to stay in. Considering the weather, we made a mistake and found s Zimmer to accommodate us for the night. The Zimmer was nice, and showering was great (its hard to imagine how great), yet in 30 minutes (around 1.5 hours after it had started to rain) the sky got soooo clear and blue that I started to think the sun was mocking us.


Bullay was not the destination we had hoped for, which leaves us with a long way for tomorrow. Yet we had a great dinner we two different kinds of Schnitzel, and took some time to sit by the lake which was quite companied by swans and ducks at that time.



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