Fairytale castle and bye to the Mosel – Moselkern to Spay by bicycle

It has been a long day, different than we imagined, with an awesome castle and lots of towns.

We started by going to Eltz castle (Burg Eltz). The way from Moselkern includes a few kilometers by bicycle and additional few kilometers by foot, and takes you through a nice forest.


Soon enough we reached the Eltz Castle, that seems like it has escaped a fairytale and gently located itself in reality.


We climbed to the castle and took the guided tour (in English). Its forbidden to take photos inside. It was quite interesting and showed the lifestyle of the Eltz family who has lived in the castle. Yet its not a “must-see” in my opinion.


We headed back to where we had left the bicycle, and the time already reached 13:00. We started to hurry a bit towards Koblenz.


On the way we stopped for lunch in Kobern-Gondorf, a small town that was almost spookily empty. When we finished our meal the waiter gave us a surprising liquor.


From there we continued all the way to Koblenz, which marked the end of our Trier-to-Koblenz 210~ km ride!


View in Koblenz

Koblenz is impressively bicycle-friendly, having numerous signs especially for cyclers as well as traffic lights aimed at cyclers only.


In Koblenz we went to the Deutsches Eck (“German Corner”), which is the headland where the Mosel river joins the Rhine.


From Koblenz we start the Upper-Middle Rhine (or Gorge Rhine) tour. Its a 65km part of the Rhine that includes over 40 castles. We could only spot some of them on our way to Spay.


In Spay we reached the guesthouse when it had only one room left, so we got a room with 5 (yeah, five!) beds and a balcony for 60 euros for both of us, including breakfast!

Tomorrow we head to Bingen and then – Cologne 🙂

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