Starting German course in Berlin

I barely slept. Ilka, my friend who had hosted me at her place in Cologne only two days ago needed a place to stay in Berlin. As I knew she would arrive by 02:40 am I couldn’t sleep since I was afraid I wouldn’t wake up. After she came I could sleep a little, just before waking up and taking the underground train to my new school, GLS.


Since I take an apartment in Brandenburg gate through the school I also get breakfast at the Cafeteria. It is awesome.


Since I’m a complete beginner in German I didn’t need to take any test, and after a short while we started our first lesson. We started with the real basics – the alphabet and digits, learning to say “my name is…”, “where are you fro” and other basic phrases.

The learning experience is really interesting. Our class has 10 students from all around the globe (including South Korea, the US and all around Europe). We study almost only in German, which means many facial expressions. Plus I admit I haven’t studied with plain pen and paper for a long time.

Straight after school my Italian roommate Marco took me to an original Italian restaurant. Real international experience 🙂


After that I went to buy a notebook for school, then got back to campus to make some homework. I met a group of Serbian, Dutch and Italian students to talk to.

From there I went to meet Yoni again, and go together to Tiergarten, a huge park inside Berlin starting right next to the Brandenburg gate. The Tiergarten has a certain part called the British Garden, which is especially beautiful.


In the British garden I also met another good friend from Israel now traveling in Berlin 🙂

To finish our day I went with Yoni to Mitte neighborhood in the center of Berlin where we had dinner. We accidentally came near a modern Jazz show and one of the players asked us to join and listen so we did for a while.

My luggage is all packed as I haven’t had the time to unpack it. I’ll have to find out how I combine German studying, traveling, playing Frisbee, and all the other things I want to do while in Berlin. Suddenly, four weeks in this city don’t seem as much.

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