Les Houches to Les Contamines – first day of TMB

This day was surprisingly hard. I’m doing this track with Yoav, my friend who is considered to be a super strong giant. It was supposed to be easier.


The story actually starts the day before – I landed in Geneva and took a shuttle to my hotel. I arrived at 01:30 am, trying to find WiFi to tell Yoav to get down and open the door for me. After a while I realized the driver hadn’t put me down at the hotel, but next to a sign directing to the hotel. I walked under heavy rain till I finally found it, and then was I finally able to find Yoav and meet him after over a month. Waking up, we realized even from our room we have a splendid view.



As we had gone to sleep quite late, we woke up rather late as well. After eating and reserving a refuge for the night, we went out to the bus station at around 11:00, just to realize the next bus wouldn’t arrive until 12:00. We decided to do something we would never have done in Israel – hitchhiking. After ~30 seconds we already found a nice couple that drove us to Les Houhces, the starting point of the TMB, where we spent some time shopping bread and energy bars for the rest of the day.


Considering all the delays we started the actual tour at around 12:00. The book claimed it would be a rather easy first day. NOT! We started by a really steep 600 meters ascent. It was a surprising start, yet the views were really nice.



Descending was obviously much easier. On the way we met a French kid practicing card magic. Yoav showed him some tricks and made his eyes almost pop out.


Afterwards we made one wrong turn which led us way far from the road. We decided to hitchhike again to our final destination – Les Contenimes.


Arriving at the refuge was cool. We left our shoes in the entrance and received flip flops instead. We met three German medicine students. I was glad to practice my German with them, especially when I was actually able to have a (very basic) conversation. Then they taught us a German cards game we played till we were told to go to sleep. And so ended our first day 🙂

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