Bicycle trip – How? Why? And other thoughts

So I have just finished my first bicycle trip with my awesome friend Yoni. It was overall 6 days and it was a blast (you can see the info about this trip here).
Since it was our first time we had many questions beforehand and we thought it would be nice to share the answers.

In order to make it relevant for other people I will sort this page in a question-answer form. I hope you’ll find it useful 🙂

Why bicycle?
Its a personal thing, but I really liked the quote I found here:

traveling by car, train, or bus is like watching an amazingly beautiful movie go by. Traveling by bike is like being in the movie.

Basically, when traveling by bike you get to feel like you’re traveling the whole time, not only when you are out of your car. Its faster than walking and combines sports with the travel.

Why not bicycle?
You see less “attractions” and it limits the distance you can travel in a certain time. Plus you have to be at least in some shape.

What do I do with the bags?
Basically there are two options:
1) Rent a service where someone gets your luggage from one hotel to another. We haven’t used this method and thus I can’t say much about it.
2) Use panniers. Basically these are sacks you attach to the bikes. We were surprised at how easy it was to ride with them. They come in different shapes and sizes.


But what about my bigger luggage?
When you ride the bicycle you should pack lightly. For your bigger luggage its advisable to use some storage service. In Germany we used the train lockers a few times.


How does a normal day look like?
We went for a not-too-tight schedule which looked pretty much like this:
08:30 – wake up
09:00 – breakfast (important!) and getting ready
10:00 – cycle and tour. We used to stop pretty often to take photos, tour by foot or just rest a bit
14:00 – lunch break. Usually included some rest time.
16:00 – cycle and tour.
19:30 – get to the final destination. Find a place to sleep and take a shower.
20:30 – dinner, getting ready for tomorrow
00:30 – sleep

How much should I ride?
We are not cycling experts. For a first trip we rode 30-75 kilometers a day and it was fine. Even easy. You can find good info here.

I have another question
Good! Send me a message 🙂

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