Loire – Day 3 – Beaugency to Blois – Murphy loves us

First thing today we went to a bicycle store, to inflate our replaced tire and buy another tube. Then we went back to cycle along the pretty Loire, with really good weather along the way.


The route took us through green forests, till we arrived at Chambord castle around noon. We decided to grab a sandwich, which surprisingly involved waiting 50 minutes in line. Oh well. I got a free entrance to the castle thanks for my new German passport (European citizen under 25). 11 euros saved 🙂


The castle was really nice. Impressive architecture and ceilings, with almost all furniture and paintings preserved.





We left the castle, and only a few minutes later Yoni noticed yet ANOTHER flat tire. Jeez. No luck. This time fixing it took only 1.5 hours.. Twice faster than yesterday.


We hadn’t finished to get our stuff packed into the panniers when it started raining. We packed as fast as we could manage and then cycled to Blois, trying to reach it on time for our hotel reservation. When we were 5 kilometers away from Blois, we tried to locate our hotel and find the best way to get there. Unfortunately we realized my phone, with the hotel’s address and French SIM card, is off due to dead battery. How much can go wrong in one day?!

After some struggling we managed to get the SIM card out of my phone and insert it to Yoni’s. A short phone call to the hotel made sure we can get there a bit later than planned.

When we got closer to Blois we had to stop and watch the really beautiful city. My dead phone disabled me from taking pictures, but I’ll get back to that viewpoint tomorrow. This small town really is beautiful. Our hotel was located quite high, so our day ended in a steep ascent that made our legs work pretty hard. We arrived at 10 PM, pretty exhausted and so hungry we postponed shower and went straight to eat. Well, it was a tiring day with many experiences. We hope tomorrow will be more simple and vacation-like.

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