Loire – Day 4 – Blois to Bllere

Today took us a long time to actually start. We stopped to buy some groceries, then looked for a bicycle shop to repair my tire. The French here have some… Unique pace. In the supermarket there was only one saleswoman, and in the bicycle shop only one salesman. They are all very polite and kind, but it takes soooo long. In the bicycle store we came after a big group, and waited for the one guy working there to fix every bike, set every helmet, sign every paper… We started cycling only at 13:05!



Cycling in Blois, we got a surprising request from a young woman. She asked to take a photo with us, since she is getting married and takes photos with lots of people who wear shorts for her husband to be. Oh well, why not?



Getting out of Blois, we had an impressive view of the city. Then we decided to take a detour of the route, to be able to see the castle of Chenonceaux. The route was quite steep and hard for cycling. We passed through some old and nice villages along the way.



As it was getting late, we decided not to get to the castle today, but rather leave it for tomorrow. We cycled to Bllere, a small town near the castle where we found a hotel to sleep in. After an exhausting day, it was a relief to get to an actual hotel, with actual showers rather than  1*1meters room with a some-kind-of-shower. We finished our first flat-tire-less day with a local Crepe.


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