Loire – Day 8 – La Baule to… La Baule

So we had one day near the Atlantic coast and we were determined to make the most of it. We started by repairing my torn tube, and then started cycling. 30~ minutes later, and BOOOOOOM!
I mean, seriously, a big explosion was heard. My tube kind of exploded and all of the air went out in a second. Luckily there was a bike store nearby, and they helped us with the repair. At least we saw this cute dog while repairing the bike:


We cycled along the pretty beach, while fierce winds threatened to throw us off balance.



Then we cycled towards Le Croisic, which reminds me how happy I am that I don’t have to actually pronounce the names of all those places rather than writing them, as I always get it wrong!


In Le Croisic we realized that the furry we had planned to take doesn’t operate on Wednesdays, so we stopped for a Crêpe before going on.


We decided to cross to Guerande by bicycle, and found out the route involved going on a thin strip of land between salt marshes. The wind almost blew us away, yet the marshes were truly beautiful.



We avoided main roads and cycled through villages in order to get to the medieval city of Guerande.



After the medieval tour we rode back to La Baule for our last night before Paris. Tomorrow we will have a day full of train rides.


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