Paris – Day 4

I can barely stand on my feet. Such a tiring day! We started by going to Montmartre part of Paris. It was so crowded we had a really hard time walking between all the people. We went to see the Sacré-Coeur basilica, but the queue was so long we decided to look at it from the outside and go on.



We continued to Orsay museum, that is said to be even better than the Luvre. For me it was too much art for a couple of days and I has enough after an hour or so. The museum is located in a building that had been intended to use as a train station prior to being bought for its new use as a museum. Thus the building itself is really cool.



After the museum we went to a musical concert in a church. It was an interesting church organ version for a quite known melody.

After some ice cream we decided to walk all the way to the Arc of Triumph. That was a loooooooong walk.


We took to Metro to intentionally escape the touristic parts of the city and bad a great pizza in a quiet restaurant.


Seriously, Paris is so crowded that its hard to walk around. Together with the heat and the queues, it makes me certain that despite Paris being a very beautiful city, I enjoyed the cycling part of our trip way more.

We finished our day by visiting the Eiffel tower. I guess no trip to Paris is considered complete without it.



Good night Paris, it’s been a long day.

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