Cycling the Danube – day 0 – arrival

This time I’m traveling with my beautiful girlfriend Neta. We plan on cycling the Donauradweg, from Passau to Vienna.
Our journey started early in Tel Aviv, flying to Vienna with FlyNiki.


In order for the trip to go as planned we had a few arrangements. We first went to the hotel where we would bring the bicycle in the end of the trip, and handed them our luggage for storage. Then we went to a Gasthaus to eat out first traditional Austrian meal, Schnitzel and Goulasch.


From there we purchased train tickets to Passau, with help of my mumbling German. We were able to get an Austrian Sim card, and then missed the train by two minutes. It had already gone! Those minutes you wish Austrian trains would sometimes be late.


Having two hours till the next train, we decided to try the local Apfelstrudel. Neta had tea with a stick that had brown sugar around it. Quite cool.


We finally took the train to Passau, and were lucky to meet some really cool people. In front of us sat a couple, probably in their 70s. They took a bottle of champagne out of their bag, rolled it out of the papers that encapsulated it, and poured it into two glasses they had also brought. They were so cute. At some point we started talking and found out they had done the same trip we are planning on doing, a long time ago. The only problem was they spoke only German, so we were limited by my German skills. At some point a nice 20 years old girl joined the conversation, said she heard us talking and that she’d love to visit Israel some day. Apparently she’s German and currently studies in the University of Vienna.


After the nice conversation with the Germans we had met on the train, we started looking for the house of Carmen, our Couch Surfing host. It was a long walk, that seemed much longer as I carries our ~20 kg bag the whole way. Tomorrow we’ll split it into four panniers.


Passau at night

Carmen was so nice and took us for a walking tour around Passau. Since it was after sunset we could see mostly the lights, but that was enough to understand that Passau is a very pretty city. We are looking forward to see it in daylight tomorrow, and then actually start our cycling trip!

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