Cycling the Danube – day 1 – Passau to Donauschlingen

Today we started early in Passau, and started looking for a place that serves breakfast at 8 am. Not that simple! We ended up in a place with really great coffee.



From there we went straight to the bicycle shop. It was superb. The guy at the shop was ready for us and provided us the bicycle as well as panniers – Ortlieb Back Roller Classic, which we brought. I am so glad for choosing to buy panniers this time –  apart for the money, going around with a huge bag until now was very uncomfortable. Next time we can pack in the panniers in advance. And these panniers are just awesome –  waterproof, has lots of space, and can be easily carried as a bag.


Then we started our tour in Passau, the city of the three rivers. We first went to the spot where the two main rivers, Danube and Inn, meet. We then decided to climb by foot all the way to Oberhaus, a fortress overlooking Passau from a hill. We left our bicycles down, with the panniers and basically all our equipment, and prayed it to be there when we return.


We climbed by foot and went to a balcony from where a stunning view of Passau and the rivers surrounding it can be seen. Then we went down, and, unbelievably, the bicycle were still there with our panniers. Great success!


We finally started our actual route, Donauradweg. The route started very flat, on paved road parallel to the roads where cars drive. Perfect.


At some point it rained and we found ourselves cycling in jackets. We cycled for around an hour and reached Obernzell,  where we had coffee and an amazing cheese cake. We also figured that the European weather is too cold for Neta, at least with sandals. So we bought sport shoes before continuing our journey.


One of the things I love most about cycling trips is the feeling of complete isolation from outer world. Thoughts  about daily issues don’t cross my mind until we reach a guest house or hotel and connect to the Internet. It’s just being in the moment all along. Amazing feeling.


We continued cycling in a rural path, that was similar most of the time yet peacefully beautiful. At some point there was a long, yet not steep ascent. We kept going till we arrived at Donau Schlogen. This is a part where the Danube takes 270 degrees curve. We’ll climb a hill to take a better look at it tomorrow morning.


For now, we are staying in Donauschlingen hotel, which has really good meals. We had amazing Wienerschnitzel.



Today was pretty long and full of activities. Tomorrow we are heading towards Linz, with no need to rent the bicycles or find a place for breakfast as we eat in the hotel. We therefore expect a more simple day.

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2 thoughts on “Cycling the Danube – day 1 – Passau to Donauschlingen

  1. Erez

    Nice pictures….
    Enjoy your self and take care.

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