Cycling the Danube – Day 3 – Linz to Enns

We woke up at Linz and decided to have a relaxed day. Our amazing hosts kindly proposed to help us with it. We started by having a great Austrian breakfast.


Afterwards Neta stayed at the apartment, while Alicja and I drove our bicycle to Enns so we can start tomorrow riding from there. Then we got back to take Neta, picked up Simon and went to see a nice view of Linz from a hill.



We then went to St. Floran, with a beautiful Abbey. We went there to hear many people sing and play the orchestra.


From St. Floran we went to visit Enns, the oldest city of Austria, more than a thousand years old. In the main city square they have a big tower built in the 1500s.  We climbed up to have a fine view of the town and it’s surroundings. We saw the sunset and even wrote our names like a tacky couple.



Descending from the tower, Alicja and Simon took us to their pretty home city, Steyer. It is also a medieval city, with two rivers crossing it. We took a short walking tour before returning to Linz.



On the way I checked my phone and the automatic bot I activated reported a change in Tel Aviv University.. We checked it and found out that.. Neta got into Med school!!! Woohooooo


We celebrated with Alicja and Simon with champagne before having dinner and going to sleep. What an exciting day!

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2 thoughts on “Cycling the Danube – Day 3 – Linz to Enns

  1. Erez

    מזל טוב לרגל קבלתך ללימודי רפואה באוניברסיטת תל אביב
    גאה בך מאד

    שמרי על עצמך

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