Cycling the Danube – Day 6 – Dürnstein to Krems; Vienna

We had a great breakfast at the hotel, before wandering around the shops of Dürnstein. We decided to start a tradition of getting a magnet from every trip we do together, so we got the first one! Yay!


We then headed by foot to the ruins of the castle of Dürnstein. It was raining and the ascent was rather steep so we had to go slowly. At the top we saw another great view of the Wachau valley, though this time the sky was grey and dim.


We climbed down and got our things from the hotel. We cycled for less than one Kilometer and reached Domäne Wachau, where we got to taste five different wines made in the Wachau Valley. It was so cool, and they tasted very differently. We bought a bottle we’re bringing home to make the taste last.


Then we cycled to Krems, a very short way of around 7 kilometers passed very quickly via paved and comfortably cycled roads. We passed via Stein and reached the center of Krems. Despite being a very recommended town on the Internet, we found it not very interesting and decided to stay there less than we had planned.


Krems is filled with shops and restaurants, and we enjoyed the local food very much. We went to a nicely designed place and Neta had some Wurst  (sausage), that was wrapped in bacon!


I had a great Goulasch, after which we headed to a close Konditerei, where we had great coffee. We also ordered a local cake, Wachautarte, which wasn’t very much to our taste.


We then toured the town, going through the streets. After some time, we headed to the train station – ready to go to Vienna.


We got off the train and reached our apartment by bicycle. Well, it’s not exactly ours, but it’s close. We rented one via AirBnB, so it’s an actual apartment rather than hotel. It’s located very close to the city center so it’s very comfortable. It took us 15 minutes to reach the apartment by bike. Since we got there earlier than we had expected, we needed to wait a bit. We used the time to eat at an adjacent Vietnamese restaurant.


After a while we got a message from our host saying that the cleaning lady needs more time as the previous guests had left a messy apartment. We thus headed to the hotel where we needed to return the bicycle and gave them away. We also took the luggage we had left there and came back to our beautiful apartment!


We settled down, unpacked, organized everything and planned tomorrow. Neta is in charge of this part of the trip. We are going to sleep without visiting the city itself as we are too tired. Tomorrow we begin the Vienna part of the trip.

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