Vienna – Day 2

We started today by going to the famous restaurant Demel, where we had made reservations yesterday. We had a small breakfast and, yet another, Apfelstrudel.



We then went to the museum of natural history. We saw dinosaurs, birds, stones, minerals and some more exhibitions.


We then started touring around the old city of Vienna. We saw some buildings, but frankly, we were more interested in the food. We went to the Sacher hotel, were the famous Sacher cake had been served, and is still served today.  Neta had the Sacher cake and I had an Eiskaffee.


We then returned to Naschmarkt, Vienna’s market, to have lunch (yep, this day was loaded with food!). I had another Schnitzel, and Neta had Spareribs.


We continued walking in the market. Neta got a new scarf and we bought some cheese to bring home, from a really cool cheese store.


We then went to Vienna University. The building looks more like the palace we visited on our first day here than an actual University the way we know it. We got into the library and walked around a bit.



We then went to famous Café Landtmann. It was just great. You guessed right, another Apfelstrudel. But the coffee itself, from Julius Meinl, was superb.


We walked to Freud Museum just to find out it had been closed a few minutes earlier. So we went to our next stop – escape room we had reserved from Israel. Escape rooms are these rooms where you have 60 minutes to get out by solving different kinds of riddles and improvising things. For example, we made a pile of books we found to climb it and reach a key that had been put very high. We got to the escape room place a bit earlier than scheduled and they let us start the game before time. It was a cool game, pretty much the same as we know from home.


We then decided to do a walking tour in the old city at night. It was nice, different from daylight. We stopped to eat, marking this as probably the fattest day of our lives, having Pizza. We finished our tour and got back to the apartment, getting ready for tomorrow at the Schönbrunn palace.


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2 thoughts on “Vienna – Day 2

  1. Erez

    I am sure that
    You get fat in this trip

    Waiting for you

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