Vienna – Day 3

We had breakfast at our rented apartment, that we made from groceries we had bought in previous days in Vienna. We then started our tour day by going to the Schönbrunn.


The beginning was very unpleasant. We saw a huge queue for tickets we didn’t need as we had bought tickets when we had gone to Sisi museum. So we skipped the line but were very confused as to what our ticket allows, and where we should go. All the local staff seemed to not know any answers. It was quite frustrating. Eventually we started the grand tour of the palace itself –  through royal rooms painted all along and filled with expensive furniture and accessories. Unfortunately, taking pictures is not allowed.


After the tour we headed for the amazingly charming gardens of the Schönbrunn. The images speak for themselves.




It was a very hot day, that reminded us of Israel in the summer as we crossed the gardens to the other side. We arrived to the restaurant at the top of the opposite hill very sweaty. Oh well, nothing that Eiskaffee can’t fix 🙂


After lunch we walked, again through the beautiful gardens, to the zoo of schönbrunn, that is considered the best in Europe. Neither of us has been to all European zoos, but it certainly is awesome. We saw Pandas, Rhinos, Zebras, Penguins, Monkeys and much more animals. A few squirrels event got really close to us. It was so much fun.



We planned to head to the historical Hawelka café, but after seeing some negative reviews it received in Google and TripAdvisor, we decided to switch plans and headed to Café Central. We had the best meal of our Viennese trip so far. We ordered a Wiener Schnitzel, but this time veal instead of pork. It was delicious. We also had baked cheese cake. Yum!


We then headed towards Demel, not to eat again, but to buy some gifts. We stopped at H&M as Neta wanted to take a look.

We then went to Grinzing. It was once a village on its own, but now it’s been a part of Vienna. The place is filled with pubs that have a traditional feeling and, frankly, aim for tourists. We went exactly to one of those pubs, had some food and drinks and a good time. We even had an accordion and violin playing for us, and some older tourists got really excited and started dancing. It was a happy evening. We then returned for our last night in Vienna.


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