Vienna – Day 4

Its hard to believe it, our last day of the trip. We had breakfast at the market that resides really close to the apartment we rented, but it was quite horrible to be honest. Oh well, one bad meal is not that bad considering all the good ones we had had. We then went to Prater, Vienna’s amusement park.


We first went on the great wheel, from which we could see yet another great view of the city.


Neta is way more fond of roller coasters than I am. So she got on many roller coasters, and for me one was enough. We also went on the highest swing carousel in the world, at least according to the sign next to it.



We decided to switch tradition (that was quick, wasn’t it?). Instead of magnets, we decided mugs would be much more useful, so we got a nice mug at the souvenir store.


Then, we met Marco. Marco was my best friend during my time in Berlin two years ago, when I stayed there to study German. He was my flatmate for three weeks as well. I am glad to say we have been able to keep in touch throughout these couple of years,  and he made a seven hours train ride from Italy especially to see us!


We first went back to our apartment to take our luggage and lock it in a train station before continuing our day. We went together to Café Prückel that Alicja, our hostess in Linz, had recommended. It was really nice. A local place, not as touristic. We had three Wiener Schnitzels, one each, and decided to avoid Schnitzels for the upcoming month. Really, we had too many during this trip! We also shared two great cakes they make in Prückel bakery.


We then went to the old city to say goodbye from Vienna. We visited Demel again and had coffee and one ministrudel. I couldn’t resist it. Surprisingly, it was a cheese strudel rather than apple.


We then headed to the train station where we had locked the luggage, and said goodbye to Marco. I find it amazing that after two years of not seeing each other it feels just natural to sit together and talk about life. It also made me remember the happy time I had in Berlin. I certainly hope he will come to visit us in Israel soon, and that we will meet again even before that.


We got back by train to the airport from which we had arrived 11 days ago. The trip has come to its end. It is quite sad, but we are happy that it was so great. We saw many beautiful views, met awesome people, visited interesting places.. I can just wish we will have many more opportunities to have such great trips like this one.

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