Tauernradweg Day 0 – arrival

Eurotrip 2016 begins  🙂 

This time I’ll be traveling with various people in different places, so I’ll post about different parts of the trip separately. 

This day is the beginning of the Tauernradweg, a cycling path in Salzburg area, Austria. I will travel with my friend Yoni, with whom I have traveled both the Moselradweg and the Loire a Velo. 

Salzburg, today

The start was too complicated. I took the night flight from Tel Aviv to München  and waited for two hours for my pre scheduled bus to Salzburg. After the long wait I asked a local person to borrow his phone and call the bus company which informed me that the bus was rescheduled for 4 hours later! No less. I have scheduled a ride with another company and had breakfast at the airport,  and still need to handle a (hopefully) refund. 

Breakfast at the airport

Finally I took the bus to Salzburg. On the way I met a very friendly local family, and we held the conversation entirely in German. I was very pleased and proud of myself for handling it 🙂 

View from the bus

I got off the bus at 12:20, in Salzburg, and took an inner (city) bus to meet Yoni and his girlfriend Noam in Salzburg. We had lunch, and then Noam took the train to Vienna. 

After a short break/nap in the hotel, we went to walk  around Salzburg. I have been waiting to come back to Salzburg ever since I visited it seven years ago. And it’s still magical. We started with a great Eiskaffe! 

Yoni and an Eiskaffe. Salzburg, Österreich

View of Salzburg

After that, we took some time to walk in the narrow alleys of the old town of Salzburg. It was a relaxed walk, and we enjoyed the beauty of the city. Later on, we went to eat some Hamburgers… 

The picture speaks for itself 🙂

We then got back to the hotel. It was a great day after all, and now I am completely exhausted. I haven’t had a good night sleep and been wandering around all day. Tomorrow we’ll rent our bicycles and start the actual route. You’re invited to keep with us 

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