Tauernradweg Day 1 –  Salzburg to Unken

The first day of actual cycling was long, challenging and great! 

Day 1 itinerary

We started with breakfast at our Hotel in Salzburg, and then headed towards the bicycle shop to take our rented bikes. Luckily we had already packed our panniers, as I had bought them in Passau last year. We then headed to our tour! 

Getting on our way!

After a very short ride Yoni’s chain got out of place. We tried to repair it a few times but decided to go back to the bike shop were we received another bicycle. 

The bicycle shop

We started actually cycling the Tauernradweg by getting out of Salzburg. The route was beautiful throughout the whole day. It’s quite varied, and as a cyclist you’re always surrounded by green paths and scenic mountains. We cycled through rural areas with fields and crops. 

At some point we decided to have a short stop to eat and drink… Right before a bit challenging ascent. 

After quite a short cycle, we were stopped as a couple of workers blocked the road in order to take off some trees. We had to wait for some 45 minutes. 

We then continued through a thick forest. In a steep descent I slipped, fell and hurt my knee a bit. Nothing too  bad though, and the views kept being just gorgeous. 

Makes you want to sing Sounds of Music

Due to this unexpected delay, as well as the morning issue with the bicycle, we managed to cycle ten kilometers less than  we had planned for today, and stopped at Unken. Here we  found a nice Pension with a restaurant and had a local dinner. We finished our first day of the ride very tired, but even more happy 🙂 

The road to Unken

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