Tauernradweg Day 2 – Unken to Zell am See 

This  day was a full riding day. This is my fourth cycling trip, and I believe this day was the  most beautiful, yet most difficult day so far. 

2nd day itinerary

We had breakfast in Unken, and then headed in a chilly weather alongside the beautiful Saalach river. The path was quite flat at the beginning, with scenic views all the time. 

The Saalach river

The road continued through picturesque villages till we reached a golf club where we had lunch. 

We went through some ascents that really made us catch our breath. It was tough, but not enough to spoil the fun, considering the amazing views. 

The road continued to be quite steep at times, so we decided to take an Eiskaffe break to gain some strength. Delicious! 

We then cycled all the way to our destination, the beautiful Zell am See. 

We found our Gasthaus and took a walk alongside the lake, before having dinner.

Zell am See

We finished this day exhausted yet really satisfied. I  can only hope it will continue to be as fun! 

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