Tauernradweg Day 3 – Zell am See to Krimml ; Krimml to Hollersbach

Today was a bit odd. Short rides, quite a lot of hiking, some rain… But the basics stayed the same – scenic views of Austria all along the way  🙂 

Day 3 – itinerary

After  breakfast we headed to take a train to Krimml waterfalls. The train, Lokalbahn, almost resembles a toy. It was small and very slow, especially since it had a stop every five minutes or so. 

We finally reached Krimml waterfalls, the highest in Europe. We had left our bicycles, stored our panniers and hiked by foot.  We climbed alongside the wonderful waterfalls, with an impressive stream. 

Then we descended back to where we left our bicycles. The cycling was easier than yesterday, with only some challenging hills. At one point we were surprised to find an electrifying gate when getting out of the forest, and we had to get out carefully. 

As the time went by, more and more gray clouds accumulated in the sky, and we decided to ride fast. Drops of rain started to hit our heads and arms as we cycled, and the sounds of thunders brought a heavier rain. Luckily, we reached our destination soon enough. After a hot shower we went to eat, and I had a genuine classic Wiener Schnitzel! 

True happiness

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