Tauernradweg Day 4 –  Hollersbach to Kaprun 

Our fourth riding day was filled with food, quite a lot of walking and a bit less cycling. Seems fit for a Sunday  🙂 

We left rather early after breakfast, and it seemed as if the Pinzgau valley was having a hard time to get up in this Sunday morning. The mountains hugged the clouds as if hanging to them, trying to make them stay around. 

The ride was rather easy, and unbelievably quiet. It seemed like the whole valley was asleep. 

We came across many horses and cows, who seemed to be the only awaken creatures around. 

Then, really surprised, we found ourselves in a middle of a village festival. We had cake and coffee there,  and  the lady who sold us the cake was really surprised to find German speaking Israelis in her village. She explained that this was the annual festival of their village, and they had an orchestra from a nearby village playing. A lot of locals were dressed up with amusing  traditional customes. 

We cycled just a bit further before the hunger took over, and we had some surprisingly excellent pizza. 

Then we cycled straight to Kaprun. We arrived quite early, at around 3 PM,  but decided to call it a day early today. It ended up being a wise decision, as it started raining shortly afterwards. We therefore went to a Cafe and had cappuccinos and cakes. I finally got to eat an Apfelstrudel  🙂 

We waited for the rain to stop and then went to our Pension. After taking a shower, we wandered around the town of Kaprun by foot. We discovered nice viewpoints. 

Afterwards we had dinner, of course. I actually had cauliflower soups. Quite interesting! With this we ended our fourth riding day. Tomorrow morning we will take a funicular to see the alpine lakes of Kaprun. 

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