Czech mission update 

Right now I’m on a bus from Linz to Prague. I’ve learnt Czech for almost 2.5 hours and decided to give it a go. 

I asked a girl who was sitting in the seat in front of me if she is from Czech Republic. “Yes”, she said. I asked if she would speak a bit of Czech with me and she agreed.

It was a short talk, and a very slow one.. But I’ve just had my first talk, in Czech! And after only 2.5 hours.

One trick I used a lot was asking “and you?” (in Czech it’s “a vy?”). For instance, I don’t know how to ask ” how old are you? ” in Czech. So I say something like:” I am 26 years old. And you? ”  it seemed to work quite well. 

So I managed to tell a bit about myself – where I’m from, my name, that I’m a student, why I study Czech. I also asked and received information – my talk partner’s name is Camilla, she’s 24 years old, works in Marketing in Prague but does not live in Prague. 

Not bad for a very first conversation 🙂 

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