Tauernradweg Day 7 – Werfen to Salzburg ; Linz 

It went by unbelievably fast, but there goes the last day of our Tauernradweg experience.

We got up early to take the bus at 08:20 to the ice caves in Werfen, the largest ice caves in the world. The view from the caves is really beautiful, and so are the cafes from the inside. 

Note: it’s prohibited to take photos inside the cave. Thus, this is not my photo but one I found on the web

We walked around the cave with lanterns as there was no artificial light inside. 

During the very cool guided tour inside the caves we met an Australian couple. We talked with them over coffee, and then they offered to give us a lift back to Werfen. So nice of them! We got back to the hotel where we had left the bicycles, took them and when straight to the train station. We again decided to skip a part of the path that our book had suggested against cycling. 

When we got off the train we only had a short, 15km ride to Salzburg, where our radweg began.  Quite soon we could see Salzburg’s fortress from above. 
Soon enough we reached beautiful Salzburg again, where the trip started and where it ends. 

We gave back our bicycles, packed and went to the train station. We even managed to have an Eiskaffe (me) and Flammkuchen (Yoni) before heading for the train. Then Yoni continued to Vienna while I took a train to Linz, to visit amazing Alicja and Simon who had hosted Neta and me on Couchsurfing last year. 

So this adventure ends. It was a great trip, with amazing views and many experiences. As it is my fourth cycling trip, I can say that I’m in love with this type of traveling. We got to see real villages and meet local people, even these who can’t speak English. 

Now to Linz, and then Prague  🙂 

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