Slovenia 2017 – Day 2 – Bohinj

Today started out very differently than what we had planned. We went first to Helia, the local company that we had bought the road book from, as well as some gpx files for easy navigation. When we arrived, we discussed the weather with them and found out that today would probably be the best (that is, driest) day, so we should probably go on the longest trip today. We thus booked a transportation trip right away, and rented the bicycle from Helia (rather than the place we had planned to rent from) so we can make it on time. We had a super quick breakfast and then took the transfer, a car that took us together with the bicycle, all the way up to Pokljuka high plateau.

Right from the start we had a very green, rural way ahead of us. Small cabins filled the view, surrounded by the forest.

We had a very steep descent, reaching at times speed of about 50 km/h.

When we reached Bohinj Valley, we were surrounded by mountains.

After a short ride we reached the beautiful Bohinj Lake.

The clouds started to gather in the sky, which became more and more grey. We had originally hoped to take a cable car up to Mount Vogel, but it wasn’t the best weather for it, so we started cycling back to Bled. The way back was accompanied by rain and steady ascents.

We reached Bled and took a relaxing shower after a 60~ kms day ride. We then went out to eat, with some weird polka music playing in the background. Apparently, it was the semifinals of EuroBasket, and Slovenia was playing against Spain, so all the waiters just watched the game.

In the restaurant we also tried to plan the upcoming days, given a very wet forecast starting the day after tomorrow.

This ended a very fun, tiring day.

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