Slovenia 2017 – Day 3 – Vintgar Gorge

We started our day with coffee and a local dish, Cremeshnit. We then headed to a supermarket to buy some groceries and snacks.

We then started cycling, at first around lake Bled, which looked quite dark given the cloudy sky. We were able to see the beautiful church, situated in an island in the middle of the lake.

We then started climbing… The ascent was a bit long, and we got to see the island from above.

We cycled through small alpine villages, with low clouds around us.

We kept climbing, and the rain was getting stronger. We got quite wet and cold, so we went to have lunch. Specifically we had soup in a loaf of bread. Perfect!

From there we went to beautiful Vintgar Gorge which we walked through by foot.

I’m Vintgar Gorge we met two Israeli friends of ours. We had known that they would come to Slovenia, but not that they were in Vintgar Gorge on the same time as us.

Then we cycled back to Bled, through more alpine villages.

When we reached our apartment, we thought that it might be wise to take advantage of the dry weather and the remaining hours of light, and climb a hill at the opposite side of the lake, to get a good view of it.

Then we went on to eat dinner with the Israeli friends we had met in Vintgar Gorge. We had a really big dinner, that made us so heavy we fell asleep in a sec 🙂

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