Slovenia 2017 – Days 4-5 – Bled and Krma

The weather forecast for the fourth day of our trip was filled with thunderstorms, so we decided to have a relaxed day without cycling. We mostly ate and played cards, so there isn’t much to tell.

We did go to Bled castle by foot. The castle itself isn’t very interesting IMO, but it has a great view of the lake.

We ended the day by drinking beer and playing cards 🙂 The next day, the fifth of our trip, started with a long ascent. The plan was to cycle uphill for 24 kilometers and the cycle back downhill, so we were ready for it.

We weren’t as ready for the rain, though. It got stronger and stronger till it forced us to find shelter under a rock as we were quite afraid to keep cycling.

When there was a pause, we took advantage of it to cycle to a place where we could get coffee. Yoav got a bit ahead of us, and he walked into the first available place he saw. When he entered, he found an empty hall but heard singing voices from the next room. When he entered the other room, the singing stopped and many faces looked at him.

Yoav: “Um, is this a place where you can get coffee?”

People: “No, this is private property.”

Yoav: “oops. Sorry”

We then managed to get to a nice restaurant (this time for real), have some warm meal, and get dry. We were soaked with water.

It was getting warmer and dry outside, so we started cycling again, keeping to the original plan. Yet, soon enough we heard the thunders… It was raining again. We rushed back to the restaurant where we had lunch not so long ago. The hot chocolate we had there made us very happy.

We then started to cycle back to Bled. The way back was actually dry and the sky got clear, so it was also very beautiful.

After showers and some rest, we went out to a local pizzeria to watch tonight’s game, Slovenia vs Serbia, 2017 Eurobasket final. It was fun to watch, and Yoav really got into it, cheering for the local team. Slovenia won, and we went to sleep with a victorious feeling that almost overcame the sore legs.

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