Slovenia 2017 – Day 6 – Castello Kamen

Only two of us cycled today, Yoav and myself. Maor had decided to stay in the apartment, given yesterday’s weather.

The beginning included rain indeed and at some point Yoav stumbled and fell off his bike. Luckily he didn’t completely fall off the edge of the road…

The road was clear and the rain stopped. We had a long but steady accent, one that we were able to talk while climbing. We then had very nice views of the valley underneath.

We kept cycling through small villages. Today, the road was mostly not on real paved roads but rather small roads where cars don’t drive.

After a while we stopped for lunch, where I could practice my German with our hostess who did not speak English. We then started heading back to Bled.

On the way back we faced one of the toughest ascents so far. It was quite steep and very long, and we really tried to catch our breath when we reached the top.

We even crossed a nice river on the way back, and were lucky to arrive in Bled just before it started to rain.

After testing a bit, we went out with our Israeli friends who stay nearby, and found ourselves in a restaurant with many stuffed animals and horns hung up on the wall. It was quite odd, but the food was delicious!

Given the weather forecast for tomorrow, it seems like today was our last cycling day of the trip. We will see what tomorrow brings, though 🙂

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