Slovenia 2017 – Summary Post

As always, I’m posting a summary post for future reference. It’s one of the ways to handle the getting-back-to-reality-after-a-trip routine 🙂


General Info and resources

We cycled in Bled area, Slovenia. We had one day of arrival & sightseeing in Ljubljana, followed by six cycling days according to plan. In practice, we cycled only 5, as one was too rainy.

Regarding the track – we received a lot of useful information from the local Slovene company Helia.  Specifically, we went on their Cycling Lake Bled tour. They provided us with a roadbook, and GPX files that made navigation very easy and convenient.

In general, the route was not hard but it requires some fitness. A lot of the cycling was on roads but felt very safe.


Some thoughts from this trip

This trip was different than many cycling trips I’ve had. The main differences and my thoughts about them are listed below:

  • Being placed in one hotel/apartment (“hub and spoke” tour) – in all my previous cycling trips, I changed accommodation every day, sometimes every two. This time, we stayed only in one apartment – for the entire trip. It allowed us to be very flexible with the time, especially given the rain we had. It also prevented us from carrying a lot of weight on the panniers, and was extremely convenient in general. The only downside is that we had some (quite small) overlap of what we saw, and that it probably prevented us from seeing the most beautiful places possible, as we had to stay near our accommodation site. In short – it’s highly recommended when the area is suitable (that is, there’s a lot to see in a rather small area).
  • Rain – this trip was the first time where I chose not to cycle due to weather conditions. Well, I guess there isn’t that much to do about it – just note that it was fine to cycle when it was not too rainy. It also emphasizes the advantages of flexibility in cycling trips – achieved either by hub-and-spoke tours, or not booking all accommodation in advance.
  • Unmarked Route – in my previous trips, especially in Germany and Austria, the roads were perfectly marked and we had no problem navigating whatsoever. This time, without those marks, the GPX files we received from Helia were great and mandatory. I don’t want to think how the trip would have been without them.
  • Cycling on roads – a lot of the cycling was on roads shared with cars. I found it surprisingly safe in Slovenia.

Daily Posts

This post will be added to the All cycling trips page. I hope that you’ve found it useful.

Till the next time…


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