USA Trip – Days 0-2 – San Diego

TL;DR – Neta (my beloved girlfriend) and I have just started our 70-days trip in the USA and Canada.

Some confessions:

Confession #1: I started planning this trip almost a year ago.

Confession #2: I have enormous spreadsheets and other files with detailed plans.

Confession #3: I had worked till 8:00 PM at the night of the flight. At 01:00 AM we already took off.

Confession #4: I was sooooo nervous on the way to the airport.


Anyway, we had a really long day. We arrived at the airport a bit after 10:15 PM, and went through the long queues in order to reach the flight that took off at 01:00 AM. The flight was 14 hours long, and we landed in Los Angeles at 06:00 AM local time. That felt like time travel!

The flight was quite hard as there were MANY young children who constantly screamed. Funny enough, I met two of my professors on the flight. After landing in L.A., we rented a car we had ordered almost a year ago, and started driving to San Diego. On the way we stopped for an American breakfast, which was HUGE.

mvimg_20180801_110004We then went on to San Diego. In San Diego we’re staying at a friend’s family, so we first went to meet them. We then went for a short tour in Balboa park. It was really nice, even though the museums inside it were already closed and we were extremely tired.



After Balboa, we went to Coronado – an island connected to San Diego via a bridge. We drove by the nice houses and went to Hotel Del Coronado, an historic hotel with beautiful architecture located by the beach.


We then went with my friend’s family to eat some Tacos at a local restaurant. It was really cool. We went to sleep really exhausted, after a ~30 hours long day.

On the next day we went to Sea World @San Diego. It was quite an experience! We started by looking at Orcad Whales and cute dolphins.


We went on a few roller coasters (one was enough for me, Neta needed two 🙂 ), and we went on to see a few shows. The first one we saw was one with dolphins. It was really impressive, and huge.


We also saw sharks, bat rays fish, sea lions, seals and other animals.


Another brilliant show was one of sea lions. Here, one is giving a “CPR” to his trainer:

img_20180802_184617We had a long and really fun day at Sea World. We were also amazed by the amount of merchandise available everywhere, and by the amount of merchandise that the Americans actually purchase.

We then went to eat at a local Vietnamese restaurant called Saigon, as my local friend recommended their avocado shake. It was really good, but we are certainly not accustomed to the size of the dishes here. Next time we’d have to share one dish. Even then, I’m not sure we’ll be able to eat it all up.


All in all, San Diego was a really good start for our trip. Next stop – L.A.!

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