USA Trip 2018 – Days 3-4 – Los Angeles

On our 3rd day of the trip we woke up in San Diego, packed up and went to Soledad mountain, which has great views over San Diego and the surroundings.


We then went to La Jolla Cove, where we could spot some seals swimming in the water.



We then started a 3.5 hours drive to L.A. We have longer drives ahead of us, so I guess we’ll just have to get used to it. We arrived in the very middle of Hollywood Boulevard, where they have the Walk of Fame with all the stars on the floors, and then we went on a Celebrity Home Tour by Starline. I’m not a fan of looking after celebrities, but the tour around L.A. gave us a picture of what the expensive neighborhoods look like. The guide was very informative so we learnt a lot about L.A. in general as well.

I’ve never seen such houses in my life. Some of them cost over 50, 80 and even 150 million dollars. Why would anyone need a house that big and that expensive?

We then went on to a restaurant that Neta found on the internet – The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills. It is a GARLIC restaurant. Oh my. They say that they season their garlic with food. I have to admit, it was delicious, and very special.


In the picture above you can see the “Bagna Calda” dish. It’s a bowl of garlic cloves that have been oven-roasted with olive oil and butter for 3 hours. It comes out so soft!

The next morning we drove to Universal Studios park. I have to say I was amazed by this place. Upon arrival, we saw some huge stores, some of them were really funny like a socks store!


They even had coffee socks :)TIMG_20180804_114821.jpg

The red carpet accompanied our way to the theme park:


We first went to Universal Studios Tour. The line was really really long, and due to the heat it was quite rough… But the tour was totally worth it. We were able to see where so many films had been filmed, how some effects are made and more.


We then went to a new part of the park, dedicated entirely to Harry Potter. It was really magical. They had created the Hogsmeade village, and of course Hogwarts Castle:


They had little stores that sold wands, robes, sweets from the book and so many other things.


We also went on the actual Harry Potter tour that made us feel as if we were flying a broomstick, playing Quidditch and doing all sorts of stuff. Again, there was a really long line, but the activity was cool.


We then went to see a Special Effects show, where they explained how all sorts of special effects are done in movies. We saw visual effects, auditory effects, motion effects (as seen in the picture below), and we even saw a guy put on fire in front of our eyes.


To finish our day we saw a lights show on Hogwarts castle.


It was a really cool park, with very interesting activities. We got out of there tired but really happy 🙂

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