USA Trip 2018 – Days 10-11 – Bye to San Francisco; Sequoia National Park

On Day 10 we said goodbye to our wonderful couch surfing host, Stacey, after staying with him for three nights. We went to San Francisco again, this time to Land’s End. It’s a nice and short hike with views of the Golden Gate bridge (covered with clouds, as always).



We then had some Vietnamese food before departing from S.F. I must say, Vietnamese food is awesome! I wish we had more of it back home.

The drive from S.F. to Three Rivers, where we stayed for the night, had taken a long time. It was about 5.5 hours, with a few car accidents making it even longer than it should have been. After the long ride, we arrived at our host’s, Allen, who is a park ranger at Sequoia National Park. I actually messaged him on Couch Surfing over six month ago, so it was great to finally meet him. As we arrived pretty late we just met Allen who showed us our room.

On the next morning we went to Sequoia National Park! It actually took much longer to start the hike as I had thought. We first arrived at the park, and then had another drive to the first visitors center, where we met our host – Allen. He gave us advice about where to travel inside the park, and then we drove for another hour to the first possible parking spot, where we waited to take a bus to start the trip. Already there, we could find giant Sequoia trees!


Can you see us? We are right there on the bottom-right corner 🙂

The Sequoias are unbelievably huge. Seriously, even the pictures can’t really grasp it. We were moving along with our heads towards the sky. We first took the shuttle to Tunnel Log – where we saw a tree that had collapsed back in the 60s.


We then hiked a trail throughout the park. Allen had given us a very good advice – to walk rather than just get to the “highlights”, so we could be a bit on our own and not surrounded by many people. We could actually walk in the Giant Forest (yes, that’s its actual name), feeling all alone in there. It was incredible.


This is the hike we did – from Crescent Meadow to General Sherman. The route is highlighted in green.


Through the forest we saw many giant trees and even got a glimpse of a deer and a bear, yet I wasn’t quick enough to get their photo.



We then went back to Three Rivers and met up with Allen. We cooked a Shakshuka, an Israeli dish we love to make for Couch Surfing hosts – as most people find it delicious and it’s rather easy to make. We had a fun conversation with Allen and we got to learn about how he became a park ranger, as well as his adventures in Europe. We went to sleep quite early after a long day.


Next stop – Vegas!

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