USA Trip 2018 – Days 12-14 – Las Vegas

We departed from Three Rivers after Allen, our host, had already gone and left the house open. Following his advice, we went to Las Espuelas, a Mexican place that makes Boritos and Tortillas. It was really good 🙂 We then had a very long drive to Las Vegas, almost 6 hours net. For lunch we found a good restaurant on Google, but it turned out to be close, so we ended up eating at a terrible junk food place. Oh well.

We arrived in Vegas in the early evening and were quite overwhelmed. After driving for hours through the quiet, vast and empty dessert, we arrived at a huge city with tall towers, giant hotels and enormous neon-lit signs. Las Vegas. Our room at the MGM Signature was the exact opposite from our last accommodation – big and even fancy.


A few friends of mine were actually in Vegas for two conferences (DefCon and Black Hat), so we got to meet some of them. We first went to Fermont to see the audiovisual show from the ceiling.


We went on to see a view of the city from the top of stratosphere hotel.



On the next day we really got to see lots of Vegas. We basically went from one hotel to the other for half a day. Every hotel in Vegas is almost a city of its own. We went to New York New York, Bellagio, the Venetian (Venice inside Vegas), Caesar Palace and others. It was really impressive (while at the same time grotesque) to see these hotels. Gosh, in The Venetians they even have Gondolas taking tourists along the river, all inside the hotel.


The Venetian

We also went to Coca Cola store.


The last thing we did for that day was seeing Ka by Cirque du Soleil. It was weird, cool and awesome. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life. There were dozens of actors doing circus tricks and flying across the stage.


img_20180813_224541The day was really tiring as we walked a LOT, and the heat reached over 40 degrees celsius. Also, all hotels have numerous shops and casinos, and being surrounded by that all day long is quite exhausting.

On the next day we went to see a few more hotels, such as Luxor (Egypt).


We then drove to The Outlets in Southern Las Vegas. We had heard that they were a great place to shop. I am not a fan of shopping, but both Neta and I could easily agree that they weren’t so great. We found nothing we really wanted. Surprisingly, being in that huge mall provided us with some quiet from the actual Las Vegas Strip (that is, the main street of Vegas).


View of Paris hotel

Later we went to see a few shows that occur in Vegas. We went to see the eruption of a volcano that occurs daily in the Mirage hotel. We then went to Paris hotel, and after looking around – we went up to the Eiffel Tower, to get a great look of the city from above. Specifically, we got to see the fountains show of the Bellagio hotel.

IMG_20180814_214218 (1).jpg

View of the Strip from the Eiffel Tower


We then went to do our Vegas gambling in the casino inside Paris Hotel. We gambled 5$, and lost them (of course).

We had fun in Vegas, but we’re completely exhausted. Everything is so loud, ,the streets smell and there are so many people coming at you and aggressively attempting to sell you stuff. Two days in Vegas were more than enough.

Next – we are going to see some nature. Tomorrow – The Grand Canyon 🙂

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