USA Trip 2018 – Days 15-16 – The Grand Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

We departed from Vegas after having quite enough of it, and drove to the Hoover Dam, an impressive dam in Arizona. We got there after an hour or so, parked our car, walked to the beginning of the tour and… A lady showed up, and told us that “the dam is closed, we need you to go back to your vehicles.” No further explanations were given. After asking around, it seemed that someone was threatening to jump off the bridge. We decided to drive away, and then found out that the entire area was blocked, and we had to do quite a detour to get around. After a long time, we reached our room in Tusayan, a town close to the Grand Canyon. It was already getting late, so we rushed to see the western part of the Southern Rim of the Canyon.


We didn’t have much time as the sun was setting, but the Canyon was really impressive. It’s so huge it’s hard to grasp, and seeing the mixture of reds, yellows, browns and some blues was really beautiful.


As it got darker we drove back to Tusayan, to watch a film about the Canyon in the IMAX there. I had thought that watching a film about the Canyon would be weird, but it was pretty awesome – providing lots of information as well as beautiful shots.

On the next day we woke up very early, and drove to the Eastern part of the Rim in order to see the sunrise.



It was really magical. We waited and waited, and then the sun finally appeared. There is something special in expecting for something to come and then get to actually see it, and in this case – see how beautiful it is.


We then drove to Desert View, a quite far point on the Eastern Rim, and then drove back, stopping at various points on the way. Each one was a bit different, and we got to see the Canyon from different angles.





We then went back to our room in Tusayan to get packed, check out and leave. It was a hard drive for me after waking up so early, and Neta slept through it to gain some strength. We stopped when we got to the Horseshoe Bend, near Page, in Arizona.



When I first saw a picture of this place, it reminded me of the Donuaschilngen from our trip to the Danube in 2015, so I decided to recreate that moment/picture 🙂


It was too sunny to be without sunglasses, but I think the result is not bad 😉

Going back from the Horseshoe Bend to our car was pretty hard as it was REALLY hot. Neta didn’t feel so well due to the heat, but some water and air conditioning in the car made her feel better.

We then went to Glen Dam, another famous dam in Arizona, but they had decided to cancel all tours for the day due to the heat. We shall try again in a few days then. We did go to the Wahweap Marina to consult regarding different options they had. We had originally thought about renting a boat for the morrow, but given the extreme heat and the really high cost (they don’t really have boats for a couple) we decided to book a tour instead.

We were really hungry at that point, so we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant that served us huge plates. It was really delicious 🙂


As we finished the day relatively early, we also spent some time by the pool at the hotel. I then fell asleep at 21:00. I was really exhausted.

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