USA Trip 2018 – Days 19-20 – Sunrise at Bryce National Park, Salt Lake City and Jackson

We woke up early to reach Bryce National Park before sunrise. We had done some research and realized that the best spot would be Bryce Point.




The last one was actually taken from the Inspiration Point.

We then got back to the hotel and even got to sleep before checking out 🙂 We then had a long drive to Salt Lake City, where we met our awesome couch surfing hosts. They were really nice and had traveled so many places around the world. They are planning to come to Israel and will hopefully stay at our place next year 🙂

We went to the Temple Square, the biggest temple of the Mormons in Salt Lake City. We took a tour and it was really interesting to meet missionaries from around the world, and see their view of the world and their religion. We couldn’t get into the actual Temple (only Mormons are allowed to go inside) but we did have a chance to see a model of the temple and get into some other buildings.


We then went back to our hosts’ place, and cooked Shakshuka for them. They really wanted to learn how to cook it themselves, so they wrote notes carefully. We had nice dinner and got a chance to learn about their lives.

The next morning we finally got to wake up late before getting on our way to Jackson, Wyoming. The way there was long and rural, we were surrounded by houses, cattle and trees. At one point I was driving behind a truck that was carrying heaps of straw, when suddenly a few heaps just fell off the truck – and straight into my car. Luckily, straw is not a heavy matter so nothing serious happened.


In the picture above you can see straw that has dissolved after it hit my car, and another heap that fell of that truck.

In Jackson we got to see a Shoot-Out show, held daily at 18:00. For us it was actually a very odd experience, but the Americans surrounded us seemed to enjoy it.


We wandered a bit in Jackson, but there isn’t that much to do there, so we had dinner and went to sleep. This day was mainly about getting us closer to Grand Teton and Yellowstone, our next destinations.

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