USA & Canada Trip 2018 – Days 28-29 – Banff area, Lake Louise

We had a relaxed 28th day of the trip. We started walking a trail around the shore of Minnewaka Lake, which is pretty easy. It is possible to walk a short or long distance around the shore. The lake is nice, but not as impressive as Peyto Lake or Bow Lake in my opinion.


On our way back we were really lucky to encounter a deer 🙂



We then took a shuttle and a chairlift all the way up to Sunshine Meadow, which greeted us with the awesome view below.


One of the park’s workers took that photo, as I noticed that I had lost my selfie stick.

We then did a ~2.5 hours walk around the meadow. We saw interesting flowers and nice lakes.





After a while, we encountered the person who had taken our first photograph when we just reached Sunshine Meadow. Apparently, someone had found our selfie stick and she hiked towards us and brought is to us. How kind of her!

As the clouds accumulated in the sky, they floated in a certain height, forming a sort of a grey blanket.

IMG_20180828_171552 (1).jpg

We then went to have dinner together with Michael and Meytar, at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Banff. It was actually our third dinner there in a row – they always had good food for good prices. We paid for Michael and Meytar and thanked them for all the help with the proposal 🙂

On day 29 we met with Michael and Meytar again, near Lake Louise. The lake was beautiful, but so filled up with tourists it was hard to find a spot to stand and look at the lake with a clear view.


We then hiked to the Big Beehive and Lake Agnes. We met a bunch of squirrels along the way.


Notice the squirrel on the right 🙂


After a steep ascent, we reached lake Agnes.



But that was only the beginning. We continued with an even steeper ascent, reaching ~700 meters elevation gain, to get to the Big Beehive. The view of Lake Louise was totally worth it!



We then had a long way down, through the plain of six glaciers.



We reached a point where water was streaming on top of a layer of frozen water. So cool!


After the hike we were really exhausted, and also cold – as rain started pouring. We had a late lunch together with Michael and Meytar, laughed a lot and told them goodbye for at least the next 6 months – as they will continue their trip for that time. It was great to travel with them for a while and we will miss them for sure.

We then headed to Jasper. The road to Jasper is supposed to be scenic and loaded with things to do. We haven’t got the chance to see it, as we drove in heavy rain, and it was getting late. The last part of our drive was actually in darkness. We got to Jasper tired but very happy with the beautiful day that we had.

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