USA & Canada Trip 2018 – Days 40-43 – NYC, Part 1

After yesterday’s long journey, we were eager to start our trip in NYC. We took the bus from Closter to Manhattan, and walked to Times Square. We visited Disney’s store on the way.


As it was the eve of Rosh Hashanah (the first day of the new Jewish year), we took a picture at times square with a sign saying ‘happy new year’.


We then went to NBC studios to take a tour. No photos are allowed inside, so the picture below is from the NBC store. In the tour we got to see the different studios. The Americans in our group were really excited. We didn’t really know most of the shows but it was cool to see how the shows were filmed.


We then went back to Michal’s place for Rosh Hashanah’s dinner. We got to meet two more Israeli families who live next to them, and hear about their relocation experiences.

On the next day we had a rough start. We started by taking the bus to Manhattan. I have to say, the buses there make the Israeli public transportation system look awesome. You can never know when the bus will arrive. We then got to Manhattan, and soon realized we had left the umbrellas on the bus. We went back to try and find the right bus, but it was gone. I tried to talk to drivers who were there, but they were extremely reluctant to help. Most of them refused to open their door to talk to me. The ones who opened their doors just shrugged and said they didn’t know.

One driver asked me what was the number of the bus. “20”, I said. He said that 20 was the line number, he meant the one written on the bus itself. I said I didn’t know.

-“You don’t know?” he jiggled. “What was the name of your driver?”

I was really confused. I said I didn’t know.

-“You don’t know the bus number, and you don’t know who your driver was?” He laughed.

I later realized he was just enjoying making fun of me. It was the bus he was going to drive. Eventually he told me that and I found my umbrellas. We then went to the bus to Jersey Gardens, the “famous” outlets of New Jersey. We waited for a long time in the line, just to get to the end and find out that specifically on this bus they don’t accept cash, just tickets. That wasn’t the case in any other bus in NYC (not before, and not after).

I ran sooooooooooo fast to find a ticket machine, bought a ticket and got back. We got to the outlets, and were really disappointed as we couldn’t find anything there. Apparently, American shops have completely different items every season. Neta wanted to find a swimsuit, but apparently the summer had been over, so no store had any.

We then started to come back, and waited for more than an hour on the line to the bus. That wasn’t our best experience of the trip.

Once we got to Manhattan, we had a sandwich and then went to see Chicago. We LOVE musicals. And Chicago was AWESOME!



The next day was much better. We started by going to the impressive American Museum of Natural History, featuring exhibitions about space, animals, human cultures and more. I personally dislike museums, but I really enjoyed spending 4 hours there.



We then went to the new apartment of my long-time friend Neta, who had just moved to NYC a few weeks prior, to change some clothes before another Broadway play. We then had Sushi:


We then went to see My Fair Lady. It was amazing, and very different from Chicago. While Chicago had a lot of SHOW-style scenes, My Fair Lady was classic. The actors were really good, and the play is brilliant.


We sat so close to the stage that we could actually see the orchestra playing under the stage from our seats.

Broadway shows are definitely a great part from NYC.

On the next day we took a guided tour by Free Tours by Foot to SoHo, Little Italy and China Town. It was really cool to take a guided tour and learn a lot about the history of these neighborhoods in particular, and New York’s history in general.


A house in Little Italy


China Town

Our group consisted of mostly Israelis. We went together with three of them to have dinner at Aunt Jake’s – an Italian place that makes pasta. It was really good.

We then took the subway to meet Neta, my friend who moved to NYC a few weeks ago. It was really awesome to see her. We first went together to New York Public Library, an impressive building on its own.




We then went to eat together, though we didn’t eat much as we were full from the previous meal. It was the first time that Neta and Neta met each other 🙂 And me and Neta had a lot to talk about, as we hadn’t met for a long time. I find it cool that with some people it can feel really natural and easy to be with, even though you haven’t met for years.


We then got home and luckily Michal was still awake. We had a good and long talk. Then, Neta noticed a bird that got stuck between the basement’s window and some net. I crawled under a bush to rescue it, and then it flew straight into the house. That lead to an entertaining/weird experience where I was chasing the bird around, trying to make it fly away, while Neta and Michal were holding two big blankets to block its way from entering the kitchen.



That was definitely an interesting way to end that day.

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