USA & Canada Trip 2018 – Days 44-46 – NYC, Part 2

We started our 44th day by visiting Little Italy again, as we knew that the annual Feast of San Gennaro would start on that day.


We then took another guided walking tour with Free Tours by Foot, this time to Greenwich Village and the Highline. We heard many interesting stories, and saw the house that was featured in Friends between scenes (though the show was filmed in California):


We then walked the Highline – once a railway on top of the city, and now an urban park and walkway.



We then went to the amazing Carmine’s restaurant. Luckily, we could get in without waiting as we were only two. They serve huge meals that could probably be enough for 3 hungry adults. We managed to finish the entree on our own, and then ordered the famous tiramisu which we could only taste. We then took it back to Michal 🙂



We then went to see our last Broadway show – Aladdin. The show was really impressive, and I especially liked the Genie. The people in Broadway really know how to get the feeling of the films onto the stage. I was impressed by the delicate balance between the original movie and a more contemporary touch.


We ran to the bus station and got there just in time to catch our bus to Closter.

The next day we went to get a viewpoint from Grand Zero at the World Trade Center. The view was superb, yet I couldn’t help but feel repulsed by the long wait, being surrounded with so many people all the time, the enormous gift shop and the general feeling of being inside a factory making money from our visit.

Nonetheless, the view was impressive indeed, and we gained a better understanding of the size of NYC.





Then we took a subway to DUMBO neighborhood, and walked around for a bit until we reached Brooklyn Bridge.

IMG_20180914_142018 (1).jpg

We then crossed the bridge back to Manhattan. It was a nice walk that featured nice views of the city’s skyline.



We went to Little Italy to get ice cream, and then took the bus back to Closter and had Shabbat dinner with Michal and her family 🙂

On the next day we went to the 5th avenue. Finally, we had clear blue skies!


We went into a store that Neta had read about (MUJI), and actually found some things we wanted to buy. They had this sale where you can buy any flannel clothing you want, take a picture with it and whatever other items you like, and get 30% discount on the entire outfit. Pretty cool.

We then had lunch at a Korean restaurant. Neta had Sushi and I had an interesting dish, I’m still not 100% sure what it contained.



We then went to Central Park. I originally planned to attend a weekly gathering of Freestyle Frisbee players held every Thursday, but we had accidentally booked the Aladdin show to that day. We hoped that the players would also come on Saturday, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. I did get to play with my friend Neta, though. Funny enough, we hadn’t played together for years while being in Israel, and now we got to play in Central Park.

We then went to see Times Square at night. It was SOOOOOOOOOOOO crowded we couldn’t walk. It was a traffic jam consisting of humans.


We then went back to Carmine’s, and this time had the Lasagna. And, yes, we couldn’t resist another delicious tiramisu.


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