USA & Canada Trip 2018 – some thoughts after 46 days – why I appreciate Tel Aviv even more

One of the cool things about traveling is that it gives you perspective. It might be about your own life as you see the way others live their lives, about your habits once you get away from them for a while, or about other things. This time, I got a perspective about our hometown.

We’ve had an amazing time so far. 46 days filled with experiences, views, nature and cities.


Yet, this trip makes me appreciate Tel Aviv even more.

NYC was a bit exhausting for us. The daily bus rides were tough, but even when we were there – it felt crowded and unwelcoming. But it’s not just NYC.


Tel Aviv has amazing food. High variety and high quality. We miss it a lot.

Tel Aviv has amazing beaches. When we went to California, the beaches were really beautiful, but the ocean turned out to be cold.

The weather in Tel Aviv is (pretty) constant. I haven’t appreciated it enough. We cancelled our visits to Yosemite and Glacier National Parks due to fires, we lost a few days in the Canadian Rockies due to the smoke (and weren’t sure we would see anything at all), and we keep checking the ever-changing forecast on a daily basis. In Tel Aviv it’s almost always sunny. Perhaps it’s hot, but at least it’s stable.

IMG_20180825_143807 (1).jpg

Smoke in the Canadian Rockies

Tel Aviv has incredible coffee. With the exception of San Francisco, it’s really hard to find good coffee in the US.


Coffee in Vancouver

Cycling is pretty safe in Tel Aviv. After cycling in Europe I regarded Tel Aviv as extremely inferior. Well, perhaps compared to the Netherlands or Germany, but it’s really OK compared to North America. There’s much to improve, but there are quite lots of cycling lanes, and the terrain is flat. In most cities we’ve visited in the US and Canada, the lanes are integrated with the traffic, and it seems really dangerous.

IMG_20180907_110318 (1).jpg

I can’t wait to use my new pannier in Tel Aviv

Even the public transportation in Tel Aviv seems OK. Again, not everything is perfect – but compared to what we’ve seen in the US, I really appreciate the availability of the public transportation in our city.

Tel Aviv doesn’t have the amazing views we have seen, nor the interesting sea animals. But it’s certainly a great city.


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