USA & Canada Trip 2018 – days 47-49 – Boston

On our 47th day Neta stayed at Michal’s to pack our things while I started the journey to Newark, in order to pick up our rented car. After getting to Port Authority I took another bus to Newark, and the rest of the way was surprisingly easy. I then drove back to Michal’s, where we had lunch and said goodbye to Michal and her awesome family.

We then drove towards Boston, stopping at Mistick Village, which apparently had a garlic festival!


Neta also had a dessert that amazed her – a banana in hot chocolate sauce.



From there we drove to Sommerville, a town near Boston where my friend Daniel lives. We met Daniel and went out for dinner. It was awesome to see him again. Daniel studied linguistics in Tel Aviv University, as I did. We never took a course together but we were TAs in parallel so we got to meet, and he is a really cool guy. Daniel is now a PhD student at MIT.

The next day we also met Mor, another linguistics student from Tel Aviv who came to Boston with her husband, whose brother had moved to live in Boston. Daniel took us a to a short tour around MIT. We saw the linguistics department where he studies.



We then did a self-guided tour around Harvard University. As the university is integrated within Cambridge, we also got to see some nice places not directly related to the university, such as a store dedicated to Harry Potter.



Harvard looks really nice, the campus consists of red buildings on a green grass.


After touring Harvard, we went together with Mor and her husband Adi and walked the Freedom Trail. It’s unbelievingly convenient to walk as the entire route is marked by red stripes on the floor. As our last stop, we reached Boston Common and Public Garden. In my opinion, they are really cool urban parks.




On that day we had really good weather. The next day was a completely different story, with thunderstorms and heavy rain. I started by walking to where I had parked my car the other day. I had actually parked it in Medford, an adjacent town, as it’s pretty much impossible to park in Sommerville or Cambridge if you’re not a resident. I walked there in heavy rain, got to the car and drove back to pick up Neta.

We drove downtown, and took a tour in Massachusetts State House. It’s an impressive building and we got to hear about the way things have been and still are managed in Massachusetts.



We then had lunch at a nice Irish restaurant, Emmet’s. It was really good! Afterwards we went to meet Daniel at Render Coffee, a place that I found while looking for the best coffee in Boston. The place is nice and we had fun with Daniel, but the coffee was rather disappointing.


We then left Boston and drove North towards North Conway.

All in all, we found Boston to be a very pleasant city! The atmosphere is really positive there, and it’s not crowded – especially when compared to NYC. I guess that as a tourist there isn’t that much to do there for more than two days, but we had a really good time.

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