USA & Canada Trip 2018 – days 53-54 – Burlington, Lake Placid, Mount Baker

Our Saturday started by attending a wonderful farmers market in Burlington, which takes place every Saturday. It was huge and had so many interesting things! And so many tastings! We could have satisfied our hunger with tastings only, but we bought some really cool things – delicious cheese for later, and some things to eat there. Neta tried a special honey-lemonade.




We then got a message from our friends, Eliav and Yarin, saying that they had landed. We left the farmers market to pick them up. It was really cool seeing them again after so long. We then went back to show them the market, and let them explore it while we were getting some surprisingly good coffee nearby.


It felt as if Yarin and Eliav brought the sun with them. We had had some rainy and cloudy days in a row, but that day had just perfect blue skies. Apparently, Eliav and Yarin had been having good weather for a while now.


We then started driving through small islands of Champlain Lake. We got to see little farms alongside the water.


At some point we did a short walk on one of the islands as well.




On the next day we drove west, towards Lake Placid, a nice town surrounding Mirror Lake. We walked around the lake and found some enormous sunflowers.




We were really hungry and went eating BBQ for lunch. Then, we went to an adjacent Ben & Jerry’s place. It’s pretty cool they have their own Gelateries in the States, I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in Israel or Europe.



We then drove to Moody Pond, where the trail to Mount Baker starts. It was pretty steep but quite short, and from the top we got to see beautiful views of the valley.







We then drove for another ~3 hours to Calcium, where we spent the night.


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