USA & Canada Trip 2018 – days 59-60 – Central Park, Williamsburg, flight to Florida

The first part of our day consisted of a long drive back to NYC. The road was nice and scenic, well, at least we reached Manhattan. It’s unbelievable how fast everything changes, how vast becomes dense and peaceful becomes hectic. It was a nightmare driving through the city. We finally reached the hotel we had booked in Queens, unloaded our suitcases and took the subway to Central Park. We walked around the park, which we hadn’t done on our previous visit to the city.



The park was really nice, and we got to see some brides and grooms shooting wedding photos.




At some point the sun set, and we walked through the park at night, watching the city’s lights.


We then took the subway to Carmine’s in the northern part of Manhattan, where we met Neta, my friend who had moved to NYC a few weeks earlier. It was fun meeting her again, yet the dishes at Carmine’s were even bigger than the last times we were there. We couldn’t even finish half of the main dish.

MVIMG_20180928_215658 (1).jpg

The next day was surprisingly fun. We expected to basically waste some time before our flight to Florida, but Williamsburg turned out to be a really cool neighborhood. We first drove to the farmers market that takes place every Saturday. It’s not as big and impressive as the one in Burlington, but it was cool to see.

MVIMG_20180929_113459 (1).jpg

We then walked around the neighborhood and looked at some interesting stores. Neta especially liked an enormous place filled with vintage items.



We walked to a new urban park called Domino Park, where they had actually created a small sand court with volleyball. People were getting tanned in the sun.



We went to another market and had some Sushi.


We then got… Well… Yes, ice cream. Again. And it was DELICIOUS!


After that we calmly walked back towards the car and started our journey towards JFK. When we arrived at the airport I was shocked to find out we were charged 277$ by the car rental company. I believe I know what happened… On the first day of our New England tour when I came to take the rented car, Neta was at Michal’s packing, so I was told she needs to arrive at some other Alamo station and show her driving license so she can drive. We did that in Boston, and apparently they charged us for an additional driver (even though Neta had already been included!). I very clearly made sure with the woman who told me Neta should show her ID that we would not be charged for it. That got me pissed. I wrote Alamo an email, and I hope they will solve it soon. We shall see.


Next stop – Fort Lauderdale, Florida!


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