Bicycle trip in Western Germany, 2013

The map:

You can click the map for every main place we have been to and reach the relevant blog post.

The itinerary:

1) Frankfurt – landing and a short trip. The “German Manhattan” is nice city for a few hours.

2) Trier – getting the bicycle, traveling to Trier. Couch surfing for the first time.

<actual bicycle tour>

3) Trier to Neumagen-Dhorn – start of the actual cycle trip, with many vineyards on the way.

4) Neumagen-Dhorn to Enkirch – very beautiful views.

5) Enkirch to Bullay – hard rain and amazing views. Includes a very high sight.

6) Bullay to Moselkern – castles and views.

7) Moselkern to Spay – fairytale castle and by to the Mosel river.

8) Spay to Cologne – cycling in the Rhine, end of the bicycle tour, heading to Cologne.

</actual bicycle tour>

9) Cologne to Berlin.

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